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What to Expect When You Work with Christy

One of the first things you need as a professional speaker is a professional video of you speaking.  But for whatever reasons, (mentioned repeatedly in podcasts, blog posts and videos over the past 3 years) I really drug my feet on getting this done. (Can you say 16 years worth of dragging my feet!!) But finally I realized I wanted new clients, new opportunities and more impact more than I wanted to stay in my “Comfort Zone.” So I hired a professional video team to help me tell a really good story.

And I’m so excited to share the result with you today.  I think Chris West and Video Narrative did a really great job! Hopefully, you’ll like it too.  Let me know what you think! 🙂

How to say “I’m Sorry”

In 4 Simple Steps

This morning was a rough morning. I woke up feeling crummy thanks to a late night yielding to temptation. The temptation of ice cream. Unfortunately, it was in the freezer. And I ate it. All.

I paid for it this morning.  Headache. Bad attitude. Short temper.

And have I mentioned that my daughter is in 7th grade? She’s a Jr. Higher. Yup. You know what that means. Hormonal. Headache. Bad attitude. Short temper.

And have I mentioned that my son is in 4th grade and is the favorite recipient of above mentioned big sister’s bad attitude and short temper? Yup. You’ve got it.

And have I mentioned that my dear, sweet husband leaves quite early in the morning. He used head out about 7:30 and was able to help get them off to school. But lately I’ve noticed he’s leaving earlier and earlier. This morning it was well before 7:00am… I wonder why? Hmmm…

Which brings me to my topic of the day.

How to say you’re sorry.

Because I wasn’t at my best this morning and I know Mamas set the tone for the day, and Amelia wasn’t a pretty sight. crying as she headed into school and I wasn’t a pretty sight sitting miserable in the car watching her walk away.

I wanted a do-over on the whole morning.

But, of course, there’s no such thing as a do-over. The morning is gone never to be lived again.

But the good news is that there is such a thing as asking for forgiveness. I get to tell my sweet girl and boy, “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry I was so short tempered. I’m sorry I didn’t give you what you needed. I’m sorry I gave into my own issues rather than rising up and loving you through yours. I’m sorry. I was wrong. I’ll try to do better next time. Please forgive me.”

And if all goes well, (this is not the first time they have heard this particular drill,) they will accept my apology as we discuss it, and they will forgive me and we can all run out and jump in the pool and order pizza and family harmony will be restored. At least that’s how it usually turns out if I actually do ask for forgiveness and not just sweep it under the rug to fester and boil.

It’s a 4-Step Process…

  1. I’m sorry I…… (Fill in the blank.)
  2. I was wrong. (Do not insert a justification here – just say the basic sentence.)
  3. I’ll try to do better next time. (This shows you are working towards being a better person.)
  4. Please forgive me.

My story from home is equally valid for you at work you know.  That co-worker who asked you to do a favor and you snapped her head off. That boss who you subtly undermined as you casually discussed office politics in the lunch room. That client you told you would do something – only you didn’t.

There are lots of opportunities in our life when we experience brokenness in relationships. Living in the Opportunity Mindset means we don’t ignore the yuk. We see it for what it really is. An opportunity to restore and even deepen a relationship rather than driving separation.

So I hope you will take the opportunity, when needed, to go ahead and say you’re sorry. Then take it a step further and ask for forgiveness. Then don’t do it again.

Now, I’ve got to go and meet the bus…I’ve got a little conversation I’m looking forward to.

Love ya,


Get into the Opportunity Mindset™!

My very first Facebook Live Video is Here

Are you ever frustrated by lack of progress personally or professionally?  If so, then you’re going to love this video!

What is the Opportunity Mindset™?  My definition is

“When you choose to live in your Opportunities rather than letting the obstacles of life stop you from living the life you really want.

I find that there are 3 main obstacles that people let stop them from living in the Opportunity Mindset™:

  1.  LACK — The “Not Enough” syndrome at work.  A “not enough” mentality will stop you every time.  Your perception that you have not enough time, money, authority, focusor worst of all, thinking that YOU are not enough.  Living with this mentality will sabotage efforts to move forward.
  2. FEAR — So many of us are stopped by fear before we even start!  The most common fears I hear of are fear of failure, fear of looking stupid, (especially in this instantly on social media day and age), fear of other people’s opinions, fear of change and even fear of success. Can you imagine the magic that would happen in your life if you just let go of fear and stepped out as though you were the bravest person ever?  Whenever we see great things happen, it’s because the person moved through the fear into action.
  3. OURSELVES — That’s right. Many of us are our own worst enemy.  We let ourselves block ourselves.  It could be our personality, our habits, our friends, our circumstances…all these can be used to stop progress.

So what should we do?  I suggest we pick one area and start working on it.  For me, that’s in the area of focus. That’s what I’m working on right now.

Here’s a resource on focus I’ve found super helpful.  It’s called Deep Work, by Cal Newport.  Cal is a researcher and expert on productivity…coming from the field of Math! Can you believe it?  I love his suggestions for carving out time to really focus and get targeted with your work time.  I’ll give more suggestions for implementing Cal’s suggestions in the next few weeks.

Hope you enjoyed my first ever Facebook video! More will be coming in the weeks to come.  Until then…connect with me and let me know how YOU get deep. How do you stay focused? I’d love your ideas and suggestions!


Christy 🙂

What Obstacle?

Living in the Opportunity Mindset

I heard a story on NPR yesterday about a new restaurant that just opened. It’s seaside and diners are surrounded by date palms, and greenery. It serves mediterranean cuisine in a cultured and upscale environment. Sounds like a surefire winner – right?  There’s just one thing that might cause you to pause. This restaurant is in LIBYA!


I know. Crazy! In the middle of a civil war, dreamer Abdelmuttaleb Twigiri  opened his restaurant. He put it this way to Morning Edition host Renee Montagne, “people need places like this “to change the mood, the way of life. People want to go out. They want to dress up, they need to live.”

That’s what I call living in the Opportunity Mindset.  If ever there was a reason for not pursuing your dream, I’d say the obstacle of a civil war ranks pretty high up on the list.

Your obstacles most likely look different. I find obstacles usually fall into 3 categories.

  1.  Lack
    • Lack of education.
    • Lack of position.
    • Lack of authority.
    • Lack of resources.
    • Lack of skills.
    • Lack of freedom (rules & regulations can create this).
  2. Fear
    • Fear of success.
    • Fear of loss.
    • Fear of failure.
    • Fear of the opinion of others.
    • Fear of change.
    • Fear of the outcome.
  3. Yourself (This is the hardest to overcome by the way.)
    • Your personality.
    • Your habits.
    • Your friends.
    • Your family.
    • Your circumstances.
    • Your vision, hopes and dreams.

Where do your obstacles come from?

What’s keeping you from living in the Opportunity Mindset?

As you think of your own obstacles, I’d challenge you to think of 1 thing you can turn into an opportunity. Some quick suggestions for turning obstacles into opportunity…

  1. The first step is to assess your situation. Look at all your resources, good and bad, and make a simple list.
  2. Pick one thing from your positive side that you can do immediately. Like today.
  3. Take action! Do it. Pick up the phone. Visit that website. Write that first chapter.
  4. Enjoy the lift this positive action will give you.

You’re on your way to living in the Opportunity Mindset!

Want to hear more? I have the very high privilege of being interviewed today by Claire Diaz Ortiz for her Work by Design Summit.  Click here to enjoy the interview!

It was Guilt Free and Painless

3 Actions that made January my Best Ever!

I had 2 big goals to get the year started off right. I wanted to get my website updated and reflective of my focus on full time speaking, and I wanted to get my Master Bedroom/Office cleared out of all the stacks of stuff that had built up so it was a place I enjoyed being.


January is almost over, and I didn’t quite finish what I started.

But, here’s the good thing. It’s turning out even BETTER than I had planned!

Starting with the clearing out  — I decluttered extensively and filled my car twice with trips to the Goodwill. Win! The storage closet in which I was planning to store the out of season leftovers, fell down into the clothes closet below. I know. Don’t ask.

But, the positive result will be even better storage once my husband completes the repair project. So let’s call that a not quite checked off the list but well on it’s way to completion success!

If you want to declutter too, may I suggest my friend Kathi Lipp’s easy to read and even easier to put into practice book, Clutter Free. You’ll love it and it will help you declutter your life!

Regarding the second part of my goals…here’s where it gets interesting…

As I was working on the content to be added to my website, I knew I needed video of me speaking, testimonials, information about my programs and an updated about me page. I wanted it to look like a speaker’s site, not a blogger/podcasters site.

I found some super smart people to help me with the technical aspects of this, and I began researching sites of some of my favorite National Speakers Association speakers to see what ideas I could steal borrow and change to make my own. 🙂

There are some awesome people out there to emulate! People like Neen James and Connie Podesta and Laura Stack and Tami Evans. And lots more incredible women who are really dominating in the public speaking space.

In the course of my research, I was drilling down to make sure my message was crystal clear on every level. I reached out to Neen James, who is known for her dynamic and fun delivery combined with her stellar content. I had seen her speak this past July at the NSA Convention, and was very intrigued with how she had packaged and delivered her message.

She was so helpful! She basically told me what I had come up with was no good and not unique at all. Boring. Her magic words were, Christy, I looked at your site, and I can’t book you from what you are telling me there. I don’t know what you offer.

Yikes! Just what I needed to hear. (Actually, I thought my site was shaping up nicely! So how awesome to get that kind of honest and relevant feedback!)

So in the past 2 weeks, I’ve gotten to work drilling down to the essence of Christy. Neen asked me, What have you put your 10,000 hours into Christy? What lessons have you learned over and over and over in your life that you can share with your audience? 

I’m still working on teasing it all out, but I am so close! And I’m so excited! Because instead of just being a “High Energy Motivational Speaker who teaches you how to get along and connect” I’m going to be framing it in a personal and more meaningful way that will be much more interesting and unique.

Which means YOU will be getting better content because I’ll be filtering it in a more effective way.

Here’s what I’ve learned from this whole experience. Maybe they will help you too!

  1. Even if you don’t know exactly where it’s going to end up, get started getting busy on what you want to do.  The de-cluttering project revealed the storage problem. Had I waited, there would still be piles everywhere and the closet would still be a problem! If I hadn’t begun the research, I would never have seen the huge gaping holes in my website/speaking project.
  2. Reach out for help. I knew I couldn’t deal with all the technical changes I’ll be needing in the course of changing my website. I found experts in those areas to help me. That even relates to me reaching out to Neen. (I didn’t know her personally before.)
  3. Be willing to look at the same things differently. You know I’ve been speaking on the topics of communication skills, customer service, and personality styles for almost 20 years. This month, I’ve looked at my body of work in a whole new way, and I’m coming out the other end the better for it.

What about you? How did your January go? Are you still on track to make this your Best Year Ever? I hope so.  Let me know in the comments below, or comment on FB.